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Агафонов А.Ю., Вересов Н.Н. «Внутреннее» - это где? Диалог. Опубликовано: Журнал прикладной психологии. – М.: Издательский Дом «ЭКО», 2004. – №3. –8 с.


Three articles in English are available

1.Veresov, N (2006). Guest Editor Introduction. Nikolai Bernshtein: the psychology of activeness and the psychology of action. Journal of Russian and East-European psychology. Vol. 44, 2, 3-12

2.Veresov, N., Akhutina, T (2003). In lieu of an introduction. An interview with Tatiana V. Akhutina. . Journal of Russian and East-European psychology. Psychology of speech and neuropsychology, Vol. 41, 3-4. pp. 3-13

3.Veresov, N. and Zinchenko, V. (2002) . Editors introduction. Zaporozhets and the psychology of voluntary action. Journal of Russian and East-European psychology. A.V.. Vol.40, 3, pp 3-13

27. 09
Improved version of "Sign mediation: Magic triangle: sign-mediated action and behind. Paper to be presented at ISCAR 2007, Oslo, Norway, June 17, 2007"
is available. See "Working papers"

23. 08. 2007
"Leading Activity in Developmental Psychology: Concept and Principle", published: Journal of Russian and East European Psychology, vol. 44, no. 5,September–October 2006, pp. 7–25. is now available on-line (see "Texts in English" link)

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